Tumbled Stones - Hematite

Tumbled Stones - Hematite

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Gemstones are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature. With an amazing palette of colours, different gemstones have their own meanings and healing properties. They are perfect meaningful gifts for your loved ones.  


Approximately 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches. Please understand that natural tumbled stones will vary in sizes, colours and shapes. The actual stone you get may vary slightly from the product image.

Gemstone Properties:

Hematite is well-loved for being a stone of grounding that also provides protection. It’s known for being black in color and having a beautiful metallic shine to it. Hematite is also a great stone to use in your feng shui to balance your home. Placing it in an altar in a room where you study or work will allow it to absorb negative energies and keep them away from you.

Each piece of trinket is beautifully packaged and ready as gift.

Product code is DOST450.