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Soul Made is a proud Australian-owned business with an online boutique, a boutique shop and studio located on the main street in Bunbury, a gorgeous Dolphin City in Western Australia. We house a stunning collection of jewellery, gemstones and many other hidden gems. We make or design most of our jewellery and hand picked each piece of crystal in our collection. Our beautiful collection consists of many one-of-a-kind, unique pieces and we love to personalise or customise pieces for our dear customers.

Besides crafting our products in the studio, we curate and stock an amazing collection of artisan made products, sourced both locally and internationally. Soul Made supports artisans who hand craft remarkable products in small batch runs, practice fair trade and use recycled or sustainable materials in producing their work. The product prices barely reflect the many hours of labor and the amount of tears and passion involved in the making of something by hand. It is these inspiring stories and spirits behind the beautiful, perfectly imperfect handmade products that connect us to one another.

Soul Made believes in leaving light ecological footprint so we choose to be paperless and use only reusable or recyclable packaging. We do not have fancy or elaborated packaging but instead we hope to impress you with the quality of our products, how lasting they remain throughout the years and the heart and soul we poured into crafting them. The beautiful products at Soul Made are priced to sell, while not compromising the quality and service you receive, as we believe that everyone deserves to own and enjoy a designer piece or bring home a gem that speaks to him/her. At Soul Made, we also try our best to repair damaged jewellery or inject new life in preloved pieces so that they can be enjoyed again. We always believe in alternative options and innovative ways in creating or re-creating fabulous pieces and running our business that will not bring harm to Mother Nature and your purse. 

Soul Made is also opening up our calm and beautiful space for creative workshops and events, hence you can bond with your loved ones, tap into the creative side of you and indulge in our peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. We hope that through these creative and health related workshops, we can grow a harmonious, strong, healthy and closely-knitted community that emphasises on kindness, positivity, creativity, self love and care through continuous learning and deep connections within and with the others. With deep love and compassion for yourself and others, your beautiful nature is in peace with yourself and Nature and you will start shining from within.

Soul Made supports anything with a good cause. We have been making donations to various charities and have been donating to Starlight Children’s Foundation on a regular basis for the past five years. Soul Made loves this liberating, creative and inspiring way of running our big-hearted business, guided by our hearts and souls, not solely for monetary benefits. We believe that “living a life with soul made a difference” and we strive to “create things that feed your soul made truly with our hearts”.

We welcome wholesale opportunities or independent crafters/designers who would be interested to conduct workshops to join us.