Assorted Succulent Chubby Footed Pot Candy Garden

Assorted Succulent Chubby Footed Pot Candy Garden

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Give a Gift of Life.

Thoughtful and meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

You will receive a adorable mini square planter with a gorgeous arrangement of colourful succulents similar to the one in the photos.

Please understand that each arrangement is different and make to order. We always take much time and effort to create a lovely arrangement with our cute little plants.

Cute ceramic square pot is approximately 6cm across.

Add a splash of colours and fun to your home decor with these lovelies.

If you order the square pot with cuttings kit, you will receive 

- a ceramic square pot

- 8-10 mini tiny cuttings for your to fill your pot, each cutting will be different 

Excellent project, to create a tiny loveable garden for your beloved one.

One Seed is a proud Australian owned company

One Seed, One Dream.
Things we do, inspired by Mother Nature.
We love, grow and create.
梦田, Where a little seed represents a dream in your heart.

At One Seed, we give lots of attention to our plants, as they are like a part of our family. From where we came from, plants (e.g bonsai) are treated like prized possessions, much loved and cherished. We part with our plants only knowing that they will be heading to a better home and will be continued being adored and looked after.

We don't mass produce like a factory or sell plants like commodities. We adore succulents and see the unique beauty in every plant. They are like breathtaking sculptures created by Mother Nature. At One Seed, we enjoy the process of making pots, mixing soil (according to our own "recipe") and potting up the plant in pots that will flatter the uniqueness of each plant. We want you to be surprised by the natural beauty of each plant and pot every time you look at it. Be it how interestingly the plant has grown, how amazing the flowers have bloomed to how gracefully the pot has aged over the years. It is in the hope of sharing Nature and its beauty that One Seed is founded. 💕