Please find the crystals that are listed for auction. 
You will be able to check the highest bid for each item on this page. The prices will be updated very regularly, so do check often.

Each item has a starting bid of $8 and a reserve price. Every increment has to be at least $5 from the current highest bid. The highest bid of the item by the end of the auction must exceed the reserve price for you to win the item. The reserve price will not be disclosed until the end of the auction.

If you would like to submit your bid, please send the following to this number 0432831263

1. Name

2. Product Name and Code

3. Bid Amount

Please note that the Second Anniversary Auction will start on 22 Oct (Sunday) 10am and close at 8pm (AWST) on the same day. 

You will ONLY receive a text message as acknowledgement when your bid is accepted as the current highest bid at the point of update.